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You will be able to read, track and discover many active issues very flexibly by using Jasper in GitHub. It is enabled by a powerful function called "Stream" of Jasper.

example repo:nodejs/node is:issue label:bug

You can use the GitHub Search query to create various criteria, such as issues I created, pull requests of nodejs/node, bug labeled issues, etc. to view issues and receive update notifications. Details are here or ja.
Unread Management
In addition to unread issues, unread issue comments and review comments are highlighted in a clear and easy to understand manner. Unread comments are also displayed on a mini-map to help you keep track of the entire issue. Details are here or ja.
Issues/PRs Information
Quickly see the issue's open/close, label, milestones and assignments. It also shows the review status of the pull request (approved, request changed, commented) along with the reviewer.
You can search for locally stored issues with a subset of the GitHub Search query. In addition to searching for issues, this can also be used for navigation within Jasper. Details are here or ja.
Integration with GitHub Features
Integration with GitHub Notifications allows issues viewed on your smartphone to be synced to Jasper. Alternatively, you can integrate with GitHub Projects to use the Project Board (Kanban) in Jasper. You can also integrate with team and watching. Details are here or ja.
Keyboard Shortcuts
You can do a variety of things with just your keyboard, including moving through the issue list, browsing, viewing unread, and saving bookmarks. Keyboard shortcuts can also be customized (Mac only). Details are here or ja.
Hundreds of developers are using Jasper in a business/OSS activity. And it is also used by several people in GitHub inc.