License Agreement


These terms of use apply to the users of “Jasper” the Issue Reader for GitHub and those who have purchased a Jasper license key (hereinafter “Users, Etc.”).

1. License

Anyone may use Jasper during the free trial period. Only one free trial is available per User, Etc.

Those who have purchased a Jasper license key may continue to use Jasper even after the free trial period has expired by entering the license key into Jasper.

2. Prohibitions

Users, Etc. are prohibited from committing the following acts in connection with Jasper and Jasper’s license keys.

  1. Assigning Jasper to a third party or allowing a third party to use the same.
  2. Disclosing their Jasper license key to a third party or assigning the same to a third party.
  3. Modifying or attempting to modify Jasper.
  4. Except where permissible under applicable laws and regulations, carrying out reverse engineering or decomplilation of Jasper or carrying out or attempting to carry out other analyses thereof.
  5. Attempting to bypass or go around the restrictions imposed by the license key.

3. Indemnity

Jasper provides material “AS IS” and Jasper's authors and providers do not provide any warranty of Jasper whatsoever. Please purchase a license key upon confirming that no problems are experienced when using Jasper during the free trial period.

In addition, Jasper's authors and providers are not liable for any damages, etc. arising in relation to Jasper. If pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, the foregoing no warranty or indemnity does not apply, Jasper's authors shall only be liable for damages in the amount equivalent to the sales price of Jasper's license key or the minimum value required under applicable laws and regulations.

4. Others

Users, Etc. may be unable to use Jasper due to the effects of OS updates or other applications, or at the request of a third party or due to other factors.

The downloading of Jasper or the purchase of a Jasper license key shall not constitute the assignment or transfer of Jasper's copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the user.

The amount paid for a Jasper license key shall not under any circumstances be refunded.