Jasper supports the following environment.


I am looking forward to your feedback into jasperapp/jasper. Thanks!

Future Features

I am considering the following features. Please wait a while.


The architecture of Jasper is composed of two parts.

The interval of polling is 10 seconds. This interval can be changed in preferences. And Jasper never exceeds the interval and GitHub rate limit.

Merged Pull Request

Jasper can not distinguish a merged pull request from a closed pull request. This is because the search API of GitHub does not responses "merged", but responses only "open" and "closed", Sorry…

Lost Issues

Jasper can not fetch all past issues of you. Jasper will fetch recent issues of several hundred. For this reason, in some case Jasper may lose a issue.

Inspired by

Jasper UI is inspired by Quiver, an awesome text editor for programmers. Please try it if you haven't yet!

Using OSS and Icon

Jasper is using the following OSS. Thanks!

This site is using the Icon pack by Icons8